Mandalas by Melissa forbes

​Venus Yantra Coloring Meditation 
Jan. 31st, 11am- 12:00 EST​​
She is extremely well placed this month. Let's get creative! Harness the energy of exalted Venus. This yantra generates bliss and the ability to see inherent beauty within and all around.  Bring in beauty, harmony, peace and cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself, loved ones and make new friends or romance.

​​​​​​ GreenTARA Space  is delighted to offer

Tara Yantra Drawing Meditation Workshop, Sunday  July 19th , 1:00- 3:00PM EST

A brilliant visual meditation. Yantra drawing and painting shifts the internal landscape and brings profound healing.

​Art supplies to bring : Compass (good one), clear ruler, eraser, pencil, sheet of watercolor paper 140lb. 10”x 14”, Colored pencils, gouache, or watercolor. If painting bring palate, brushes #1 & #2.


Tara coloring Mandala Workshop with Melissa Forbes

 Sat. May 23rd 2020  1-2 pm.

The Tara Workshop includes meditation, chanting, and coloring. Offered online via Zoom. Tara is the Goddess of Guidance.

 Please preregister with GreenTARA Space to get Zoom access and the class information. This is important, as you need to download and print the Tara stencil in advance. 

​Workshop Fee = $16 - $27 (sliding scale).

Registration  below.  Children go free. (under Membership)


​​​​Venus mandala        Vedic Square below. 9x9 table.     
     (open to your interpretation of the #6 shape.)
Venus vibrates to #6. The Universal friend.

      Past Offerings

                                                The Sun Yantra Coloring Meditation
                                                                             ​​​Celebrate the Solstice, December 20th, 1- 2:00 pm EST 

                    Since ancient times, the winter solstice has been one of the most important events of the year in the northern hemisphere. In this darkest time, the "new light" is received. Let us prepare for the great conjunction, Jupiter/Saturn on Dec. 21st.
It’s been a massive recalibration year, there’s no going back to the way it was, and we are rebirthing a new consciousness, together. It’s been a giant year of radical awakening and we are entering a cycle of
humanity that truly stands for the collective whole.

This workshop is being offered online via Zoom. Please register below and we will send Zoom access and the class information. This is important, as you will need to print the Sun stencil in advance. 
Preparations: The stencil (printed, traced, or drawn ahead of time) and a set of colored pencils or paints (including gold).

​Celebrate traditional ten day Ganesha Chaturthi,
Lord of All People and Things. Clear the Obstacles in your path to create the new world.  August 22nd is the first day and we'll set the tone, gather the wisdom gems with a mandala coloring meditation gathering

​The Ganesha Workshop includes meditation, chanting, and coloring. This workshop is being offered online via Zoom. Please pay below and we will send Zoom access and the class information. This is important, as you will need to download and print the Ganesha stencil in advance. 

Venus Mandala Workshop 
Jan. 23rd, 12:00 -2:00 EST

​She is exalted! Perfect time to be creative.
Gently create your Venus mandala using the Vedic square, 9x9 Table, which gives the basic shape For all numbers. We repeat this shape to create a symmetric pattern in a circle ~ Mandala is formed, add color.

​The Durga Mandala Coloring Meditation​

 Nine Nights of the Devi  ~ Navaratri​.​​

The main goddess celebration in India. Culminating in Durga riding in on a tiger when other Gods are incapable to slay the demon.Victory of the Revered Warrior Goddess as we shift & create the New Paradigm. Calling on Durga, "Invisible", feel the liberation in trusting the Universe. Goddess energy is primal, creative, fierce and is only about truth and love. What mastery showed up for you in 2020?


Durga Mandala Coloring Meditation:

Mantra & Yantra = Tantra 

Oct. 25th 2020, 1PM  EDT,

The Planet Mars : Energizes  

Finding the Hero Within ~ Death of the Ego!

Mars in Warrior fire sign Aries (energetic, adventurous, dynamic, & impulsive),  June 28th to January 6th.

Offers passion, focus, courage and a strong sense of self into action. How do you choose to bring these aspects into your life? 

Mars goes retrograde Sept. 9th - Nov. 13th. 

Offering a remedy,  the Mars meditation!

 Direct the energy inward and establish inner sense of power. 

Nov. 14th, 1-2:30 PM EST​​ 

  ​​14th is a special day! Mars has gone direct, new moon, 

also the culmination of Diwali ~ Festival of Lights!!

Invitation to join Yantra Coloring Meditation.

A recording of class is available. If you want  it sent to you please let us know.