Mandalas by Melissa forbes

Women Center Stage Festival
Koala Farm  48 Ludlow St.

New York City 
October 10th,  10:00-1:30 

​Tara Yantra Coloring  Meditation Workshop

Yantra ~ a visual mantra composed of geometric shapes, shifts our internal landscape, calming the mind, and providing a focal point into the Absolute.

This is a rare opportunity to focus on the simplicity of line, color, forms, & shapes, centering instruments. When meditated upon, instill quietness, allowing positively the power of Tara represented by the yantra. In this workshop, participants will color a yantra and learn the mantra, containing bidj sounds, which will encourage optimum receptivity to the energy of Tara. A gentle movement practice with the yantra and mantra will complete our invocation.

Please bring your favorite colors!

Vedic Numerology Mandala workshop

Fall Date to be announced soon!


2 Union St, Sparkill, NY 


 The planets have been observed for thousands of years and watched how they manipulate the human spirit. Astrology has cognized that the energy of the planets affects our lives and understood the energy can be directed to improve our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Mandalas, sacred spherical energy patterns reflect our inner nature. Using the Vedic Square, 9 x 9 table, an ancient number grid, an infinite number of patterns are created based on numbers associated with the planets. By working with specific colors and mantras, this meditative drawing and painting practice will connect us to the deeper energies of the planets. An overview of Indian numerology will offer an appreciation of the qualities of the planets and how the numbers and planets have an influence on us.

The Secrets of Mantra and Yantra
Ganesh: Lord of the People, Remover of Obstacles

Supersoul, Chatham, NY  Dec. 4-5:30 pm

$25 per class or sign up online early and get the discount of $20 per class.

Is Meditation difficult for you? Do you find it hard to keep the mind focused? Want to awaken renewed energy of life? 

Learn the secrets of a living tradition as we explore mantra (sacred sound) and yantra (visual patterns aiding meditation) to awaken our innate intelligence & inner power. In this workshop, we will be exploring

methods of concentration, meditation, & breath as we invoke the remover of obstacles, Lord Ganesh. His mantra will be taught as we move in asana, to help us tune into the symbolic meaning & feeling created by sacred sound. Then using the art of mandala, or sacred patterns, we will direct & awaken inner focus, accessing our inherent power. Finally, central channel breathing (Bhuta Suddhi) will ground us to integrate & strengthen what we've learned, giving our practice meaning and direction.​

This class includes a visual presentation, and a practice.

No experience necessary.

VEDIC Numerlogy Mandala Workshop
Mettabee Farm, & Art
551 Harlemville Rd., Hillsdale, NY  12529
October 21  12:30- 4:00pm,
Class limited to 15 ,$45.00

Art supplies to Bring: Ruler, compass, hard & soft pencils, your favorite colors. ~ (colored pencils, watercolors, gouache if you want to paint.) PAPER needs will be provided.

CONTACT Melissa if you are attending at