Mandalas by Melissa forbes

What is a Yantra?

Welcome to the world of yantra. I am so excited that your soul brought you here, where I am pleased to introduce you to the visual tools and meditation devices we call YANTRA.

Yantra is a visual activation tool that serves as an awakener, helping you to remember your soul’s purpose.

The Sanskrit translation of yantra is “apparatus” - a mystical diagram of light, a grounding and centering device that is used in meditation, an energy pattern that the unconscious mind recognizes and uses to help you remember who you are and why you are here.

Similar to mantra, which is a sound tool, yantra serves as a sacred vehicle connecting you to the Divine and guiding you to hear your true nature.

Find the yantra that resonates with you here.

My sincere hope is that, with each yantra you choose, you are inspired, moved and awakened.