Mandalas by Melissa forbes

The Planet Jupiter:

Check in wit​h your Truth!

Join our Jupiter Mandala Coloring Meditation.

​Thursday, July 30th 5pm EDT via ZOOM!

This is an invitation to revise the old stories that guide your life. Tune into your inner guru to grow. 

Jupiter is retrograde May 14Th - Sept. 15Th 2020​

How will this effect your growth?

Because of it's enormous size, it is know as the

guru, which means both "heavy & remover

of darkness" in Sanskrit.  Jupiter is the planet of

courage, boldness, power, energy, knowledge. 

Jupiter makes people cooperative, active,

ambitious, disciplined, and pure in behavior.

Sign up early to receive your stencils and zoom link.

 ​​The Planet Saturn : How to Navigate our Karma.

Dealing with Saturn Affliction.

This workshop is an excellent Saturn remedy. 

June 13th 1-2 PM EST

Saturn Yantra Meditation Workshop

​The Saturn Workshop includes meditation, chanting, and coloring and is being offered online via Zoom. Please pay below and we will send Zoom access and the class information. This is important, as you will need to download and print the Saturn stencil in advance. Preparations: The stencil (printed, traced, or drawn ahead of time) and a set of colored pencils or paints (including gold, if you have it).