​Yantra by Melissa forbes

​​September 16th, 2017

Svaha Yoga

Willemsstraat 133

1015 JB Amsterdam Holland

+31 6 50 888 886



Chakras   Energy Centers for Transformation

October 1st.

10am - 2pm

Summit Center for Vibrant Living

Lenox, MA


pre-registration required

Space is Limited $75

snacks & beverages provided

Vedic Numerology & Connected Planets

In this workshop we will explore the mystery of numerology and its relationship to the planets.

Learn how to calculate your psychic, destiny numbers and the qualities connected with each number and their archetype.

Color your own planet yantra while reciting the appropriate mantra infusing the mandala with your energy and power. Take the yantra home, place appropriately. It will help guide you on your path.

​October 7, 2017

4-5:30 pm New York

Chakras   Energy Centers for Transformation  

Special Guest, Greg Kuzma playing 7 Tibetan bowls.

In this workshop we will explore the chakras with their sacred seed syllables, sacred light symbols, the yantras and Tibetan singing bowls. Through movement, breath, visualization, sound, and meditation, we will engage in Chakra Sadhana ~ focused attention on psychic centers. This form of depth psychology will help harness inner energy to move beyond limitations and access a source of strength for these times.

This class includes a visual presentation and a practice.

All welcome, no experience necessary.

Supersoul Yoga

25 Main street, Chatham, NY

 $23 per class or sign up online by Oct. 1st and get the discount price $15 per class


October 21, 2017

Green ​River Yoga & Movement

158 Main Street, 2nd floor

Greenfield, MA 



Chakras Energy Centers for Transformation