Mandalas by Melissa forbes




​​Melissa offers classes,  workshops & retreats throughout the year at a variety of locations around the world.  Below is a list of her current and future Zoom offerings. Yantras are geometric centering instruments. They are used to awaken the energy of various planets and deities allowing us to make contact with our inner being. This compelling, creative form of meditation has been used for centuries as a tool for awakening latent potentials. During this workshop, you will activate and harmonize the left & right hemisphere of the brain. Using the proper colors and the mantra to enliven the Yantra. 

                         The Sun Yantra Coloring Meditation

           ​​​Celebrate the Solstice, December 20th, 1- 2:15 pm EST 

                    ​The Sun Workshop includes meditation, chanting, and coloring. Mantra & Yantra = Tantra. This workshop is being offered online via Zoom. Please pay below and we will send Zoom access and the class information. This is important, as you will need to download and print the Sun stencil in advance. 

Preparations: The stencil (printed, traced, or drawn ahead of time) and a set of colored pencils or paints (including gold).